Industry Survey: Transformative Technology Adoption and Attitudes - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This survey looks at  following vertical markets: Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Consumer Packaged Goods, as well as Local, State, and Federal Governments. This report provides an analysis of current initiatives and future plans for the use of AI and Machine-Learning technologies.

The aim of the survey is to understand the views of companies across a series of verticals regarding their appetite for incorporating new technologies into their business solutions, and specifically their enthusiasm for AI and ML adoption. It further looks into differences in adoption across verticals, but also takes into account company size.

Following this, the survey breaks down different use-cases of AI/ML and asks respondents to list those that pertain most to their industry’s needs. The survey thus spans a broad range of opinions, asking strategic questions about general enthusiasm for innovation but also inquiring about specific company and industry use-cases. There is a running commentary to provide exposition on the findings, followed by a summary and conclusion.

1. Methodology and Background

2. Sample Profile

    2.1 Company Size of Survey Respondents

    2.2 Role and Responsibility of Survey Respondents

    2.3 Willingness to Embrace Innovative Technologies

    2.4 Innovative Technology Embracement by Industry

    2.5 Technological Familiarity

3. Artificial Intelligence Adoption by Company Size

4. AI/ML Adoption by Industry

5. AI/ML Applications Ranked

6. Most Important AI and ML Applications by Industry

7. Summary and Conclusion


Research Information

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Publish Date
4Q 2017
Research Type
Application Analysis Report