Industry Survey: Transformative Technology Adoption and Attitudes - Utilities Image

Industry Survey: Transformative Technology Adoption and Attitudes - Utilities


ABI Research conducted an industry survey on transformative technology adoption and attitudes of 455 decision makers, influencers, and implementers in the following verticals: Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), as well as Local, State, and Federal Governments. This report provides a summary of the findings and main conclusions for the utility segment. Questions range from willingness to adopt new technologies, to benefits, the role of telco operators, and sourcing options (in-house versus third-party). Attitudes toward intention to use innovative technologies in the future, adoption drivers and barriers, top most mentioned artificial intelligence applications to be used on smart utilities, key technologies enabling the shift toward smart grid, distributed generation of renewable energy, deployment plans on demand-response optimization solutions, and key investment priority areas were discussed. Separate findings by business size are also included. 

Table of Contents:

  • Classification of Respondents: Size of Business
  • Willingness to Embrace Innovative Technologies
  • Technological Familiarity
  • Barriers to Adopting Innovative Technologies
  • Benefits of Implementing Innovative Technologies
  • Wearables as Technology Innovation Strategy
  • Technology Outsourcing versus Internal Investment: Total
  • Future of Cloud: Total
  • Most Important Artificial Intelligence Application: Total
  • Operational Data Management
  • Role of Telco Operators
  • Distributed Generation of Renewable Energy
  • Smart Grid
  • Market Expansion
  • Market Expansion
  • Demand-Response Optimization
  • Gas and Water Distribution Network
  • Summary and General Conclusions

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