Enterprise Wearable Cameras: Devices, Uses Cases, and Supplier Ecosystem Analysis Image

Enterprise Wearable Cameras: Devices, Uses Cases, and Supplier Ecosystem Analysis


The enterprise wearable camera market is currently experiencing a large amount of growth, especially in the law enforcement industry, where recordings are used for the collection of evidence. These devices can also be used to protect lone workers safety, as personnel can track what is happening to the user and identify any potential threats. As these devices collect recordings of innocent bystanders and witnesses, protocols and laws are often enforced to ensure that the data is kept safe and the public’s privacy is protected.

This report examines the features of enterprise wearable cameras, the protocols and laws that are in place for the use of the devices, the benefits associated with using them, the various use cases, and challenges associated with developing and using the devices, as well as outlining various major players that offer the devices. Forecasts include Wearable Camera Shipments by End-User Channel, Enterprise Wearable Camera Shipments by Industry Vertical, Enterprise Wearable Camera Shipments by Region, and Enterprise Wearable Camera Revenue by Region.

Table of Contents

    • 1.1. Features and Form Factor
    • 1.2. Protocols for Using Enterprise Wearable Cameras
    • 1.3. Benefits Associated with Wearable Cameras
    • 1.4. Enterprise Wearable Camera Use Cases
      • 1.4.1. Evidence
      • 1.4.2. Safety
      • 1.4.3. Training and Best Practice
      • 1.4.4. Marketing
      • 1.4.5. Memory Loss
      • 1.4.6. Customer Reports
      • 1.4.7. Consumers
    • 1.5. Challenges With Wearable Cameras
    • 2.1. Methodology
    • 2.2. Key Forecast Findings
      • 2.2.1. Shipments
      • 2.2.2. Revenue
    • 3.1. Axon
    • 3.2. B-Cam
    • 3.3. Edesix
    • 3.4. Genetec
    • 3.5. Getac
    • 3.6. GoPro
    • 3.7. Pinnacle Response
    • 3.8. Point Blank Enterprises
    • 3.9. Reveal
    • 3.10. Vievu
    • 3.11. Vyoocam
    • 3.12. Wolfcom
    • 3.13. Zepcam

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