Industry Survey: Transformative Technology Adoption and Attitudes – Logistics

ABI Research conducted an industry survey on transformative technology adoption and attitudes of 455 decision makers, influencers, and implementers in the following verticals: Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, Transportation, Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), as well as Local, State, and Federal Governments. This report provides a summary of the findings and main conclusions related to the adoption of intelligent logistics technologies such as Freight as a Service (FaaS), robotics, on-demand manufacturing, drones and asset tracking. Questions ranged from willingness to adopt new technologies, to benefits, the role of telco operators, and sourcing options (in-house versus third-party). This report provides insight into prevailing attitudes within the logistics segment, primarily on the awareness of the disruptive impact of smart logistics technologies on business models and competition.

Methodology and Background

1. Classification of Respondents: Size of Business
     1.1 Classification of Respondents: Size of Business
     1.2 Classification of Respondents: Organizational Role
2. Moderate Willingness to Embrace Innovative Technologies
3. Technological Familiarity Favors Cellular
4. Key Benefits of Implementing Innovative Technologies
5. Barriers to Adopting Innovative Technologies
6. Wearables are Part of the Plan
7. Technology Internal Investment versus Outsourcing
8. The Future of Cloud in Logistics
9. Artificial Intelligence Applications Moving Forward
10. Operational Data Management and Co-Opetition Clash
11. The Role of Telco Operators in Logistics
12. Disruptive Trends Changing Logistics
13. Logistics Adoption and Asset Tracking
14. Drivers and Barriers to Smart Logistics Tech Adoption
15. Most Innovative Logistics Companies
16. Legislative Influence on Logistics
Summary and Conclusions


Companies Mentioned