Smart Cities in North America Image

Smart Cities in North America


In this report, ABI Research examines the digital transformations shaping connected cities and identifies the U.S cities that are embracing those technologies to become the Smartest Cities in North America.

Key findings include:

  • Government Top Technology Priorities
  • Technology Adoption Barriers for Government
  • Key Cities: Public Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi-Enabled Pay Phone
  • Key Cities: Smart Bins
  • Key Cities: Smart Streetlights
  • Key Cities: Smart Mobility: Mobility-as-a-Service
  • Key Cities: Smart Mobility: Smart Parking
  • Key States: Smart Meter
  • Key Cities: Renewable Energy
  • Digital Transformation in the Energy Market
  • Key Cities: Electric Vehicles
  • Key Cities: EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Vehicle-to-Everything
  • Cloud Platform