The VR Ecosystem—It’s Bigger Than You Think

by Michael Inouye | 2Q 2017 | IN-4529

In ABI Research’s recent virtual reality and 360° video ecosystem list, over 460 companies were included, and that sample size is just the beginning. Arriving at an exhaustive list is beyond the realm of pragmatism, and even if such a feat were undertaken it would still only represent a snapshot of the market in a relatively limited window of time. Companies within this market come and go through acquisitions and closures making it very fluid and dynamic—not to mention the 100+ mobile reliant HMD solutions in the China market alone (depending on which source you believe). In many respects, the virtual reality (VR) market looks similar to the early days of user generated content (UGC) video, where dozens (well over 100) of online video sites cropped up seemingly overnight after YouTube was acquired by Google—this time around it is Oculus and Facebook.

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