VR Technologies Roadmap: Display, Degree of Freedom and Connectivity

VR HMD makers are continuously trying to improve in display resolutions, degree of freedom (DOF) and VR device connectivity. This report presents current and future road-maps in VR technologies including display technologies, DOF in different VR types, connectivity integration in VR HMDs (cellular, Wi-Fi), Storage capacity, sensors and peripherals etc. VR HMD shipment forecast by resolution, by DOF, by cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity and VR peripheral shipment forecast are presented in this report. 

Table of Contents: 

  • VR Technologies Development
  • VR HMD Forecast by Display Resolution
  • Display
  • Translucent OLED Displays
  • Light Field Display
  • Sensors
  • Degree of Freedom 
  • Mobile VR HMD Forecast by DOF
  • Standalone VR HMD Forecast by DOF
  • Degree of Freedom (Cont.)
  • VR Peripheral Shipment Forecast
  • Peripherals
  • VR HMD Forecast by Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • VR HMD Forecast by Cellular Connectivity
  • Connectivity
  • Storage
  • Merged Reality
  • VR HMD Developments
  • Summary
  • Related Research


Research Information

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Publish Date
3Q 2017
Research Type
Technology Analysis Report