VR Technologies Roadmap: Display, Degree of Freedom and Connectivity

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VR HMD makers are continuously trying to improve in display resolutions, degree of freedom (DOF) and VR device connectivity. This report presents current and future road-maps in VR technologies including display technologies, DOF in different VR types, connectivity integration in VR HMDs (cellular, Wi-Fi), Storage capacity, sensors and peripherals etc. VR HMD shipment forecast by resolution, by DOF, by cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity and VR peripheral shipment forecast are presented in this report. 

Table of Contents: 

  • VR Technologies Development
  • VR HMD Forecast by Display Resolution
  • Display
  • Translucent OLED Displays
  • Light Field Display
  • Sensors
  • Degree of Freedom 
  • Mobile VR HMD Forecast by DOF
  • Standalone VR HMD Forecast by DOF
  • Degree of Freedom (Cont.)
  • VR Peripheral Shipment Forecast
  • Peripherals
  • VR HMD Forecast by Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • VR HMD Forecast by Cellular Connectivity
  • Connectivity
  • Storage
  • Merged Reality
  • VR HMD Developments
  • Summary
  • Related Research