Preparing for the Unknown: Future Enterprise Security Threats

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2Q 2017 | IN-4515


Future Enterprise Security Threats Are as Unique as Your Business


The IT organization of an enterprise business has a formidable task to balance implementation of innovative technologies with maintaining the privacy and security of company assets and data. The enterprise cannot successfully operate a business in fear of the unknown, though it can certainly prepare for it.

Today, businesses spend time, money, and resources monitoring and responding to known security risks and attack vectors. However, if the attack comes from inside the organization using employee credentials or via a possible backdoor in hardware or software, it will not be detected using known external patterns. Future threats to the enterprise could be as unique as the business itself.

Ignorance Is Bliss: Your Enterprise has a Backdoor


Placing backdoors into products is very controversial and vendors will often publicly deny having any. Only in recent years (since the Snowden and other Wikileaks revelations), have vendors—notably in the U.S.—b…

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