Authentication Techniques for the IoT

by Michela Menting | 1Q 2017 | IN-4470

For RSA and Mobile World Congress 2017, and the most prominent battle cry related to IoT security, notably regarding identity and authentication. Many security vendors, OEMs, silicon IP & semiconductors, carriers, and other service providers are keen to exploit the opportunity, and are keen on promoting various solutions that will tackle the issue. Identity is an issue within all layers of the IoT: perception, infrastructure (network), and application. Authentication is required to establish trusted connections, and this relies on the ability to correctly identify the various assets (devices, people, servers, applications) throughout the value chain. The various efforts are promoting private and public, as well as one-time, signature based techniques. Vendors are promoting authentication techniques in cloud-centric IoT environments, as well as for resource-constrained devices. There is no clear decisive method that currently stands out as developers try to adapt traditional mechanisms to the IoT.

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