Integrating the Smart Home and the Connected Car Image

Integrating the Smart Home and the Connected Car


The smart home is a market and a concept that, after years of potential, is finally gaining momentum to become a mainstream consumer market. As connectivity moves into a range of home devices, applications, and services, so the reach of smart home functions and consumer expectations will increasingly extend beyond the smart home and into adjacent consumer markets. The integration of the smart home with the connected car is a key example of this.

This report examines the potential for the integration of the smart home and connected car markets and ecosystems. Each environment is being expanded to encompass greater levels of personalization and automation, and, as part of that trend, will increasingly look to grow their appeal and the value by integrating services that support both services for residents and drivers. The ability to build and leverage seamless interaction between smart home and connected car applications and systems are in their infancy but work is already underway. This report examines the drivers and potential for smart home and connected car integration as well as the initial and potential integrations.

Table of Contents

    • 1.1. Report Scope
    • 1.2. Report Definitions
    • 1.3. Summary and recommendations
    • 2.1. The Lure of the Smart Home
    • 2.2. The Growing Connected Car Market
    • 2.3. Early Integrations and Partnerships
    • 2.4. Initial Smart Home and Connect Car Applications
    • 2.5. Smartphone as a Middleman
    • 2.6. Future Applications
    • 2.7. Smart Home and Connected Car Integration Issues
    • 3.1. Standardization
    • 3.2. Trust and Security