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Commercial robot shipments are seeing very strong growth. This research includes forecasts for commercial robots from 2016 to 2026 by indoor/outdoor robots, by mobility (stationary, AGV, and mobile), by shape (humanoid, tall platform, short platform, UGV, UUV, and specialized), by application (social, transport, security, delivery, data collection, maintenance, and task), and by vertical market (retail, restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, agriculture and farming, warehouse, manufacturing, and others).

Industrial automation and industrial robotics, a subset of industrial automation, continue to evolve after decades of growth globally. This market research covers the market for industrial automation control and field devices and industrial robots in particular. Industry data and forecasts from 2015 to 2025 are included. Market data for industrial automation includes product revenue by automation type, vertical market, and region. It is also segmented by discrete and process automation, including shipments of control and field devices by discrete and process automation, vertical market, and region.

Industrial robotics market data includes shipment and revenue forecasts by region, as well as key countries such as Canada, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Shipments, ASP, and revenue are forecasted by type for articulated, SCARA, parallel/delta, linear, Cartesian, and other industrial robots. Shipments and revenue are forecasted by vertical, as well as automotive, electrical and electronics, metal, rubber and plastics, food and food packaging, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and others. Vendor revenue market share for the top 9 vendors is also included.

Collaborative robot shipments and revenue–a subset of industrial robot shipments and revenue–by region and market share are also included. Finally, shipments of automation field devices, industrial robots, and collaborative robots are compared.

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