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TV as a Service: Middleware, CAS, DRM, Encoders, CDN


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Operator purchasing behaviors for video hardware on-network solutions and over-the-top (OTT) services are rapidly changing, driven by consumer expectations of anytime, anywhere viewing and the pervasive reach (on devices and through apps) of OTT services. Operator’s responses include both service-oriented changes, such as bundling, and technology-oriented changes, such as offering services on multiple devices and removing network-driven requirements for service offerings.

This report captures operator and OTT service purchases of hardware, software, and services in a variety of interrelated categories for on-network and off-network services. This comprehensive viewpoint allows a full understanding of the tradeoffs of multiple categories of solutions, and the interplay between them, as operators migrate purchasing from capitalized hardware and software to operationally purchased services, first for new, trial, and OTT services, as well as for some multiscreen services. Product categories tracked and forecast include:

  • Encoders and Transcoders (Fixed Contribution, Broadcast, File-Based Multi-Format, and Live Streaming Multi-Format)
  • Video Hardware (Production, Post-Production, VOD, and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Systems)
  • Broadband Hardware (Cable, DSL and Fiber categories)
  • Satellite Services (Video Distribution, Retail Broadband, Government, and Enterprise)
  • Middleware (Comprehensive Middleware Offerings and Guide/Data-Oriented Solutions)
  • Content Protection (Conditional Access Systems [CAS] and Digital Rights Management [DRM])
  • Cloud Video Services (CDN, Online Video Platforms [OVP], and Managed Video Platforms [MVP])

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