Smart Cities and Transportation Electrification

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Publish Date: 07 Aug 2018
Code: AN-2587
Research Type: Research Report
Smart Cities and Transportation Electrification

As part of sustainability imperatives and growing concerns about degrading air quality, many cities are accelerating programs to boost the adoption of transportation electrification, in partnership with electric utilities and EV OEMs. While electrification strategies and EV targets have already been formulated at a national level by many countries, many cities across Europe are introducing emission zones, initially aimed at banning older diesel vehicles but ultimately expected to culminate in zero emission zones and EV-only city centers. 

This report provides detailed insight into electrification market trends, regulation, adoption barriers, technologies, and key players. In particular, the issues of putting in place an adequate EV charging infrastructure is discussed in terms of funding, the deployment of fast and wireless charging stations, the integration of micro-grids, capacity requirements of public grids, and V2G load balancing technologies. Electrification adoption forecasts for both EVs and charging stations are also included, both in terms of vehicles and mileage.