5G to Bring Fixed Wireless Converged Broadband

by Khin Sandi Lynn | 1Q 2017 | IN-4445

Mobile technologies are evolving rapidly from first and second generation mobile technologies focusing on voice and text message access, to fourth generation LTE technologies. Fourth generation mobile technology supports a strong mobile broadband experience with xDSL-like connection speed. This is adequate, even in real world circumstances, to support bandwidth hungry applications such as video calls, mobile TV, gaming, and cloud services. For the next mobile evolution, 5G technology is expected to support a wide range of applications and use cases including 4K, 3D video delivery, IoT applications, and an enhanced mobile broadband experience. One important feature 5G technology can provide is fiber-like broadband access for residential households and businesses. Industry players expect to launch the first 5G commercial networks to provide fixed wireless broadband access in high-density areas without the costs of fiber installation to every residence.

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