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Robotics Hot Tech Innovators


This short presentation will narrow in on a handful of companies considered to be providing, pursuing and developing exciting solutions to a variety of business cases and across a range of sectors. This includes companies working in commercial sUAV services, software for self-driving cars, consumer, collaborative, commercial and industrial robotics, exoskeletons, and novel software solutions.

Companies being focused on include:

  • Resson (Commercial Drones fro agriculture)
  • Kespry  (Commercial Drones)
  • nUtonomy (self-driving cars)
  • Veo (Robotics and Automation)
  • Softwear (Commecial Robotics)
  • 6 River Systems (Warehouse Robotics
  • Franka Emika (Co-Bots)
  • Intuition Robotics (Elderly Care Robotics)
  • Hebi Robotics (Modular Robotics)
  • Strong Arm Technology (Exoskeletons)