Personalized, Reconfigurable Interiors in Shared Autonomous Vehicles

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By James Hodgson | 1Q 2017 | IN-4427


Meeting the Individual Needs in Shared Vehicles


The year 2016 was a watershed year in autonomous vehicle development. It marked a significant industry transition away from the pursuit of gradually improving semi-autonomy in favor of a renewed push towards fully autonomous and driverless operation. As ABI Research described in previous reports entitled Car Sharing and the New IoE Transportation Service Economy (AN-1954) and Mobility as a Service (AN-2347), this will revolutionize the way in which transport is consumed; enabling users to abandon costly car ownership, and summon driverless vehicles when needed. In recent months, OEMs such as Ford, Tesla, BMW, and Volkswagen demonstrated their understanding of the implications for their established model; setting up new smart mobility sub-brands to manage transition from selling cars to providing the Car as a Service.

Establishing these smart mobility sub-brands can help convince investors that OEMs are well-positioned to weather these storms, but it’s vital that the challenges they face not be underestimated. Aside from developing viable fully…

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