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The cybersecurity semiannual update 4Q2017 provides a snapshot of market trends, M&A activity, tech maturity, disruptive threats, and guidance for OEMs in the enterprise cybersecurity market. The update also includes insights from ABI Research reports published in the last half year, notably on The Future of Cloud Security, and Cryptography in the Quantum Era. The Future of Cloud Security highlights the rise of cloud access security brokers focused on providing support to implementers, overseeing cloud transition and overall processes, as well as streamlining security and service provisioning. Cryptography in the Quantum Era focuses on the rise of attack-capable quantum computers and the current research on post-quantum cryptography and quantum key distribution algorithms by standardization bodies such as NIST and ETSI, and innovative startups in the field. 

Table of Contents

  • Research Snapshot
  • The Future of Cloud Security
  • Cryptography in the Quantum Era
  • Industry News
  • Acquisitions¬†
  • Funding and Investment
  • Tech Maturity
  • Disruptive Threats
  • Recommendations

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