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Hot Tech Innovators: Biometrics


The biometrics landscape is expanding exponentially and is able to absorb a large number of startups competing for a share of the market. However, a few innovative vendors stand out; each with its very own inventive solutions, in addition to market pitfalls. This report focuses on some of the most pioneering vendors in mobile payments, passive authentication, point-of-sale options, and multifactor authentication, including: Zwipe, HYPR, Nymi, Sthaler, Atom Bank, Vkansee, KnuEdge, Veridium, UnifyID, SmartMetric, and Biyo.

Companies Covered:

  • Sthaler
  • Atom Bank
  • Nymi
  • Vkansee
  • HYPR
  • KnuEdge
  • Veridium
  • Zwipe
  • UnifyID
  • SmartMetric
  • Biyo