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AI and Machine Learning


Artificial intelligence (AI), particularly machine learning (ML), is a functional enabler for a wide range of tasks across virtually all public, commercial, industrial, and consumer industries and markets. Machine learning technologies and techniques have been successfully utilized for a large, and rapidly increasing, number of applications. In many cases, results from ML pilot projects and full-on implementations delivered significant, demonstrable ROI or KPI level “value.” However, the sheer breadth and range of machine learning implementations, along with constant technical churn, make it difficult for business and technical managers to either grasp the totality of the opportunity or to initiate detailed, reasoned analyses. This slide deck, intended as a companion piece to the previously published Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Foundational Concepts study, will examine a range of AI and machine learning case studies across multiple industries and markets. It is specifically designed and formatted to be easily viewed and readily comprehended. Topics include:

  • The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Ecosystem
  • Public Services Sector Case Studies
  • Commercial Services Sector Case Studies
  • Industrial Sector Case Studies
  • Consumer Sector Case Studies
  • The Enterprise Case Studies
  • Emerging Solutions Case Studies
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Additional Resources