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This smart cities dataset includes IoT WAN connection and revenue forecasts for 12 vertical smart city solution categories across 6 regions. For each category splits are provided for connection technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Analog Fixed Line, Fixed Line, LPWA-LTE, LPWA-Proprietary, and Satellite) and types of revenues (Connections, Data and Analytic Services, Device and Application Platform Services, Network Services, Professional Services, and Security Services). Total smart cities technology investments by region are provided as a measure of the total smart city opportunity. Additionally, tables listing smart city associations, standards, conferences, vendors and suppliers, largest cities, platforms, and projects are included as well. 

This aggregated dataset constitutes a regularly updated and extended, one-stop source for smart city intelligence allowing readers to acquire an in-depth quantitative understanding of connections, technologies, and revenues across all major smart city segments as well as insight into the ecosystem in terms of suppliers and initiatives. 

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