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Current and Future Use Cases for Enterprise Wearables


Healthcare leads the verticals for enterprise wearable shipments, partly due to the relatively larger adoption of medical devices. Other verticals including warehouse and manufacturing, as well as field services represent increased opportunities as hands-free access to information brings efficiency and productivity. Government and military uses wearable technologies to track and trace worker activities, improve security, and provide more tools for law enforcement. Retailers leverage wearable technologies to streamline communication and collaboration, and also enhance backend efficiency. Education is a fast growing vertical for enterprise wearable device shipments, as the higher level of immersion experience could be applied to schools, educational institutes, as well as on-the-job training.

Wearable cameras are increasingly adopted by police officers, as well as in retail and hospitality for user experience analysis. The hands-free mobility of wearable scanner brings increased productivity to warehouse, transportation, and logistics. Smart glasses provide comprehensive usage for warehouse and manufacturing, and field services, and more platform, software, and content has been brought in. A large amount of smart watches will be adopted in the healthcare industry. Worker authentication, efficiency monitory, and fatigue detection are the major enterprise applications for smart clothing. With more sensors on the devices, wearable 3D motion tracker can recognize and classify complex motions, enabling more accurate, real-time tracking of body motion.

This report examines the use cases for enterprise wearable devices by industry verticals and device types. It also summarizes advantages of various wearable devices, and the benefits of deploying wearable technologies into different industries.  

Table of Contents:

  • Market Developments and Forecasts
  • High Level Summary by Device Types and Verticals
  • Vertical: Healthcare
  • Vertical: Warehouse and Manufacturing
  • Vertical: Field Services
  • Vertical: Government and Military
  • Vertical: Retail, Commerce, and Marketing
  • Vertical: Transportation and Logistics
  • Vertical: Education
  • Others: 3D Motion Trackers
  • Others: Smart Clothing

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