SI/VAR and Partner Program IoT Ecosystem Image

SI/VAR and Partner Program IoT Ecosystem


For decades, larger technology companies utilized partner programs in order to deliver goods and services more cost-effectively by leveraging their networks of partner program members. Some of these deployments are fairly easy to implement and just require the service of one partner program participant. When it comes to implementing Internet of Things (IoT) projects, the value chain is fragmented and requires the coordination of several companies working together to implement an end-to-end solution that successfully integrates device components, connectivity, and value-added services.  

In order to gain a better understanding of the networks of companies that are providing IoT solutions, ABI Research analyzed the partner program databases at Cisco, Dell, IBM, Intel, Kepware, Microsoft, Oracle, PTC/ThingWorx,, SAP, and ThingLogix to identify their IoT offerings. From this, a little over 500 unique companies were analyzed to see where they were operating, what partner programs (if any) they were affiliated with, how developed and mature their IoT offerings were, what their market focus was, what verticals they targeted, and what services they provided as part of the IoT value chain.   

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  1. Partner Program, Members Analyzed per Partner Program
  2. SI/VAR and Partner Program Companies, Maturity Ranking
  3. SI/VAR and Partner Program Companies, Number of Partner Program Affiliations