Mist BLE Alliance is a Clarion Call for Industry Collaboration

by Patrick Connolly | 1Q 2017 | IN-4422

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There have been a lot of trials and PoCs for BLE beacon technology over the last 3 years, with many lessons learned along the way. One of the biggest barriers has been the interoperability of the necessary components required for a successful customer-facing solution. ABI Research has always urged companies to look at the overall solution before moving forward. With indoor location and beacon solutions, it is critical that marketing and IT are in sync in delivering a customer-facing solution using BLE beacons. In this ABI Insight, ABI Research will investigate the recent formation of the Mist BLE Alliance, looking specifically at two core use cases (wayfinding and proximity notification) of BLE, the companies that form the alliance, and the benefits of these companies coming together to form a cohesive ecosystem.

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