My Day Shopping with Ten Degrees Sensor Fusion

1Q 2017 | IN-4421

On a recent trip to Silicon Valley I had the pleasure of participating in an in-store demo of a new sensor-fusion indoor location technology from Ten Degrees. Ten Degrees has a long history in this area, which it is now bringing to bear on the industrial and retail markets. It claims consistent 1m to 3m accuracy and I can confirm that this was indeed the case. The store in question was a large 60,000 sq ft department store that had been outfitted with 60 BLE beacons. Ten Degrees advised that it took less than 2 hours to deploy the technology, with zero calibration required. The first thing that struck me was the consistent accuracy of the technology. While this is a very difficult thing to achieve, it is table stakes in terms of what retailers and consumers expect. What was really interesting was seeing in real time how it could be used in-store in addition to the level of detail in the analytics that could be generated.

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