CableLabs Tests Whole-Home Wi-Fi Solutions

by Khin Sandi Lynn | 4Q 2016 | IN-4378

In November 2016, CableLabs announced its test of mesh and repeater-based solutions to provide whole-home Wi-Fi access in consumer homes. CableLabs did not specify the participating vendors; however, the test results showed both mesh and repeater-based systems are effective in accessing wireless Internet from everywhere in the home. The tests for throughput, jitter, latency, and coverage were done using three access points to provide connectivity in more than twenty locations inside the 5,000-plus square foot test house. The tested mesh and repeater solutions delivered over 50Mbps throughput in the house and 20 feet outside the house. The systems could handle two streaming videos at HD bitrates (approximately 20Mbps) to video clients in the home.

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