The Movement from Traditional to Connected Messaging Services

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4Q 2016 | IN-4365


Global Expansion


On November 22, 2016, Retarus—a global enterprise cloud messaging service provider founded in 1992 and based in Germany—announced that it was expanding its data center in Singapore to better serve the Asia-Pacific market. Before this development, customers in the region had to rely on data centers in Europe or the U.S., resulting in higher latency times. The Singapore data center also allows European and American companies to have a more efficient and dependable line of communication with their Asian subsidiaries. As enterprises continue to grow more connected and turn toward new methods of global communication, they are increasingly turning toward companies like Retarus to deliver secure, global messaging solutions for peer-to-peer, application-to-person, and machine-to-machine applications.   

Cloud Messaging Verticals


Retarus provides enterprise users with cloud communication services as well as integration services and middleware solutions. Additionally, Retarus provides bi-directiona…

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