Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Foundational Concepts Image

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Foundational Concepts


This report provides an overview of the key concepts and critical technologies required for a deep, informed understanding of the commercial opportunity landscape for artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, technologies, and techniques. Special emphasis is placed on underlying concepts and how they map to a fixed set of capabilities, which themselves are the basis for specific applications. The evolution of AI techniques from programmatic methods to statistical and learning approaches is described, as well as the impact of this changeover. Information is presented in graphical format for greater understandability and rapid uptake. Detailed conclusions and recommendations for both solution providers and end user companies are provided.

This essential report is designed to act as a foundational basis for other, more narrowly focused alanyses describing and quantifying the global artificial intelligence and cognitive systems marketplace (particularly machine learning). Topics covered include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems
  • Methods, Techniques and Applications
  • Machine Learning Versus Traditional Programming
  • Classes of Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Attributes of Supervised and Unsupervised Techniques
  • Neural Networks/Deep Networks
  • Machine Learning and Autonomous Decision Making
  • The Machine Learning Solutions Stack
  • Data Preparation, Modeling and Inference Solutions
  • Commercial and Enterprise Machine Learning Applications
  • Machine Learning Execution Architectures
  • Conclusions and Recommendations (End Users and Solution Providers)

Target Audience:

  • End User Companies
    • Business Executives
    • Technology Executives
    • Business Development Management
    • Technology Management
    • Members of Advanced Technology Groups
  • Solution Providers
    • Business Development Executives
    • Marketing Executives
    • R&D/Product Development Management