IoT Market Tracker - Cellular Gangs Up on Fixed Line Connections

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By Dan Shey | 4Q 2016 | IN-4299


Cellular Will Take the Connection Lead in 2018


ABI Research recently updated its IoT Market tracker which included results for LPWA technologies and short-range wireless connections. This Insight discusses the WAN technology results, showing that fixed line technologies, while still an important connection medium for IoT, dramatically lose connection share, declining from nearly 60% of connections in 2015 to 39% in 2021.  Cellular technologies will take over as the connectivity leader starting in 2018, helped significantly by new LPWA technologies that include 3GPP cellular versions (LTE Cat 1, M and NB-IoT), and the mostly proprietary technologies from a healthy handful of suppliers such as Sigfox, Ingenu, FlexNet suppliers, such as LoRa and Xylem, and vendors, such as Semtech, to name a few.

Important Note:  This data is based on the application segments covered by the IoT Market Tracker. As the application bucket that defines IoT can vary significantly depending on the source, it behooves the reader to review the app segments that are measured in the IoT Market Tracker

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