UK’s Startup Capital Gets its Own Public LoRa Network

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4Q 2016 | IN-4290


Innovate UK's Digital Catapult Deploys LoRa Network in London


Digital Catapult is part of Innovate UK, a public body created in 2007 and sponsored by the UK governments, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. On 20 September, the Digital Catapult, tasked to deliver the UK’s IoT programme, announced the launch of the Digital Catapult Things Connected program and an IoT network using 50 LoRaWAN basestations located across London. The program will work in collaboration with network operators, platform vendors, and universities to drive innovation in IoT. Flood network in the UK also announced endorsing the LoRa network to connect a low-cost network of sensors to aid local government authorities to monitor water levels in nearby ditches, culverts, rivers, and waterways.

LoRa Gaining Momentum in Market Adoption


Although LoRa has entered the UK market much later than its competitors, it is starting to gain market confidence from early adopters. The Digital Catapult program is expected to provide a free IoT…

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