Which LPWA Technology Will Win?

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4Q 2016 | IN-4277


Many Technologies/Many Trade-Offs


Many technologies are vying for a share Low Power Wide Area Networks market, and each of them offers tradeoffs between characteristics which include transmit range, data rate, frequency, channel bandwidth, and power consumption, among others. Each of these technologies offer performance advantages often with conflicting claims which can be complex to evaluate.

There are two main classes of LPWA technology which can be distinguished by whether they operate on unlicensed or licensed frequencies. The unlicensed technologies are proprietary and include technologies such as SIGFOX, RPMA (from Ingenu) or LoRa based. The licensed technologies operate on cellular frequencies and are specified as versions of LTE by the 3GPP. Release 13 created Mobile IoT (also called LTE IoT) technologies LTE Cat-M1 (also known as eMTC), NB-IoT (also known as LTE Cat-NB1), and EC-GSM-IoT.

The “Best Fit Use Case” Determines the Technology


Is there one technology which stands out with all the performance …

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