Gaming Still Top Priority for Sony PlayStation

by Michael Inouye | 3Q 2016 | IN-4240

Sony officially announced its mid-cycle update to the PS4 and it comes in two flavors: the PlayStation 4 Pro (previous codename Neo) and the PlayStation 4 (we can add the “Slim” moniker to it, although Sony left it off). The new PlayStation 4 replaces the launch model and brings with it a $50 priced drop to US$299. While the core hardware remains the same the new PS4 model will have updated HDMI 2.0a ports (although reportedly all PS4s will support HDR – earlier models will get an update) and 802.11ac Wi-Fi (original PS4 was 802.11n). Aside from those connectivity changes and 30% smaller form factor, the PS4 consoles will essentially be identical. The PS4 Pro has a higher clock rate (CPU) and more than double the GPU processing capability. The Pro will also ship with a 1TB HDD compared to the 500GB (with 1TB option) in the regular PS4. While the 4K gaming was touted by Sony the Pro console will still fall short of native 4K gaming, with most 4K gaming being up-scaled.

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