Autonomous Stakeholders Push to Leapfrog Semi-Autonomous Driving

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By James Hodgson | 3Q 2016 | IN-4233


Do Nothing by Halves


An Insight published by ABI Research at the beginning of 2016, General Motors’ ‘Super Cruise’ Autopilot Hits a Bump in the Road, examined how the key ADAS trends of 2015 would develop throughout 2016, and what the implications would be for the autonomous driving roadmap. Over the course of this year, the case and market potential for semi-autonomous driving has diminished, particularly relative to the increased focus on fully driverless operation and how the technology could transform mobility.  In July, GM delayed its Super Cruise system yet again, citing the need for more digital map coverage and robust driver monitoring. The fatal Tesla crash threw into sharper relief the difficulties of balancing driver input and automated driving, and the potential for loss of life in situations where semi-autonomous HMI design is lacking. In the wake of a series of Tesla Autopilot-related incidents, Mercedes received strong criticism from the U.S. Consumer Rights group, which accused the brand of overstating the capacity of their DRIVE PILOT system.

While semi-aut…

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