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LTE and 5G Semiconductors


LTE and 5G Semiconductors is updated every six months and reflects on new market developments as they happen. It looks at market opportunities of various LTE mobile baseband categories in line with the migration of subscribers from LTE Classic to LTE-Advanced. Forecasts are split by mobile device type across various LTE technologies, including TDD LTE, FDD LTE, multimode TDD-FDD LTE and across various LTE generations including LTE Classic and LTE-Advanced. It provides historical data and market forecasts for mobile LTE chips targeting mobile phones and tablets by baseband category from Category 3 to Category 16.

LTE and 5G Semiconductors also tracks various LTE CA combinations as they are defined by 3GPP, broken down by potential regions targeted, key stakeholders and rapporteurs, device baseband required, and by maximum data speed offered.

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