The Buddi to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

by Stephanie Tomsett | 3Q 2016 | IN-4228

A new trial using wearable technology to help prevent prediabetes patients from developing type 2 diabetes is set to start in September 2016. Prediabetes is a pre-diagnosis of diabetes, and is recognized by elevated blood glucose levels, but which are not high enough for the patient to have diabetes. Around 15.4 million adults have prediabetes in the UK alone, which is around one third of the population, and up to 10% of these could go on to develop type 2 diabetes. The collaboration involves King’s Health Partners, an academic health science center in London comprising of King’s College London and several NHS Foundations Trusts, and Buddi, a pioneering wearable technology company, and is partly funded by Innovate UK.

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