3Q 2016 | IN-4215


Multiple HetNets for IoT's Massive Scale


The staggering scale and breadth of the IoT and its use cases almost certainly means that heterogeneous networks (HetNets) will be deployed in some form or another as a way to best meet LPWAN performance or cost goals.

This set us to wondering what form these HetNets would take. Would they be single-technology, multi-operator “roaming” agreements, multi-technology, single-operator LPWANs, multi-radio LPWANs, or what we are calling “core-integrated LPWANs”?

In this Insight we discuss the signposts for each of these types of HetNets and predict that LPWA HetNets are inevitably part of the future of the IoT.

Roaming versus Multi-technology versus Multi-radio versus Core-integrated HetNets


In the cellular world, a HetNet is a single network combining a variety of different radio technologies in such a way that access to the network appears seamless to the user or subscriber. Technologies including macrocells and small cells operating in different spectra,…

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