Google’s Self-Driving Car – A Lot of Future Tech

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3Q 2016 | IN-4204


Google’s Self-Driving Car – Up Close and Friendly


On August 13, Google held an “open house” in Chandler Arizona featuring a pair of its tricked-out, self-driving Lexus RX 450h vehicles. The Google SDC is in next phase of road testing, and Phoenix, Arizona is one of several metropolitan areas for this next phase in development. The vehicles were on display, accompanied by dozens of Google employees present for Q&A, and demonstrations of the company’s LiDAR.

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Google Self-Driving Car

The Google SDC is jam-packed full of electronics, computers, and sensors, as shown in the photo below. Visible are the RADAR and LIDAR units mounted on the top, front, and sides of the vehicle. There is also a LIDAR unit at the rear of the vehicle. Sorry, no test drives at this time. The autonomous vehicle market (see ABI Research’s Automotive, Smart Mobility & Transportation Sector) is showing great potential as a growing market for technology now that PCs and Smartphones are mature markets. The autonomous vehicles will include more computing …

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