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The fight against terrorism, first responder communications, industrial and business radio systems, transportation, and public utilities networks are all parts of modern critical communications. September 11, 2001, vividly displayed the need for police and fire department radio network system interoperability and was one of the main drivers of today's trunked radio communications systems.

Public safety radio was the ancestor of critical communications and is still a major component of the latter. Additionally, the present day need for data has also entered into the equation. Once, only analog systems were the mainstay of public safety radio networks, but digital radio equipment is now firmly on the scene for data handling and spectrum efficiency.

Also featured is LTE, as it is a major part of mobile wireless infrastructure, and could become a component of critical communications, as well. The critical communications market is worldwide in scope and will be poised for solid growth in the years ahead. Market data for revenue by region, hardware platform, protocol, and major vendor market share is provided as part of this research.