NXP Targets Vehicle-to-Vehicle Opportunities in Asia

by Dominique Bonte | 3Q 2016 | IN-4175

NXP recently announced having been selected as a partner in Korea’s Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System (C-ITS) project initiated by the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. NXP will supply its RoadLINK V2X communication and security chipset, based on the IEEE 802.11p wireless communication protocol, to vehicle electronics systems provider eSSys. The one-year pilot will take place on an 87.8 km route between Sejong City and Daejeon beginning July 2016. One of the main aims of equipping Korea’s highways with smart infrastructure is to address the 5,000 yearly fatalities and 300,000 injuries. The Korea Transport Institute claims 76% of accidents could be avoided with deployment of C-ITS across the country. Reducing ramping congestion and improving traffic flow is also critical, especially in light of the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. V2X can be used to exchange information not just between vehicles, but also between vehicles and traffic signs or traffic lights and to provide warnings about localized speed limits, as well as roadwork and hazardous conditions, even when these are out of sight.

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