NB-IoT Backed Against the Wall in the LPWAN World

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3Q 2016 | IN-4155


SK Telecom Launches Nationwide LoRa Network for IoT


On July 4, the press release read: SK Telecom Commercializes Nationwide LoRa Network for IoT.  SK Telecom noted 99% nationwide coverage with LoRa, and more importantly, announced reference tariffs for LoRa IoT.  These IoT service tariffs are much lower than mobile broadband 4G LTE, according to Biz T World.  A straightforward comparison is difficult, as the mobile broadband subscription price includes home phone, unlimited voice and text, free live TV, and other offerings found in consumer plans.   Even so, there is a lot we can deduce about the future of NB-IoT tariffs in the midst of the LPWAN world.  Announced LoRa pricing ranges from 350 KRW for 100 Kbyte / month to 2000 KRW for 100 Mbyte / month.  These price anchors have a significant implication for 3GPP NB-IoT, namely that LPWAN are the price makers, while 3GPP NB-IoT operators will be price takers. 

Making vs. Taking the Price


SK Telecom sets up the market price for IoT service…

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