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Live OTT Opportunity


This report evaluates the market potential for Live OTT streaming, which is categorized as live events, live linear, and mobile live streaming. Live streamed events have the most exposure through professional sports (and increasingly eSports) and, in particular, international events like the Olympics and FIFA’s World Cup. These large events help set the stage for future live streaming events in terms of scope and growing viewership. Live linear streaming is starting to gain momentum as consumers look for more flexible content packages – content owners are also increasingly inclined to establish direct relationships with consumers through in-house services. The last segment, mobile live streaming (or social streaming), is comparatively new but has the potential to significantly impact content markets like news and live performances.

Each of these markets possesses strong growth potential but they are developing at different rates and, in some cases, targeting different segments of the content ecosystem. With the growth of streaming media there is potential throughout the value chain from optimizing the flow/distribution of content and ensuring an optimal viewing experience, to monetization and analytics. These opportunities also extend to the pay TV operators, which still have healthy installed bases, but likewise could benefit from engendering similar live OTT services (many of which are already doing so).