New Consoles Bring 4K and HDR

by Eric Abbruzzese, Michael Inouye | 2Q 2016 | IN-4119

The rumor mill regarding new game consoles was running at full speed leading up to E3 2016. Nintendo had already confirmed its new console would arrive in early 2017 (but surprisingly would not be shown at E3) while Sony’s “Neo” (AKA PS 4.5, PS 4K) was a poorly kept secret. During an investors’ call, AMD also established its involvement with three upcoming new consoles within the next two years – at the time it was assumed this referred to each new console from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, suggesting a complete sweep for AMD in the console space, but later rumors suggested Nintendo might have selected NVIDIA and its Tegra platform for the NX (at least the handheld). This raised some questions around AMD’s three new console wins until Microsoft formally announced its hardware roadmap, which includes the Xbox One S (AKA slim model) in 2016 and its “Project Scorpio” console in late 2017, thus fulfilling AMD’s claim to three new consoles. The release of new hardware (beyond simple “slim” versions as has been done in the past) so soon in the generation’s life cycle is relatively novel but it speaks to a number of external factors that are impacting the console market.

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