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GNSS IC Vendors


This GNSS IC Vendor Competitive Assessment considers a variety of innovation and implementation parameters to determine the companies best placed for success and the companies that are in danger of losing out. Moreover, it includes emerging competitive threats and technologies.

This year, the GPS/GNSS IC market evolved increasingly into new markets such as automotive, wearables, and the IoT, with huge potential to grow into sizeable GNSS and ubiquitous-location markets where a specific, optimized IC design will be a major plus. Precision GNSS techniques also came to the forefront as companies explore opportunities around V2V, ADAS, and driverless cars. This is now the most significant design trend in the industry, with consumer GNSS IC vendors facing stiff competition for precision GNSS incumbents like Trimble and Novatel, as well as a number of new interesting start-ups. Finally, new entrants like Intel and CEC Huada continue to expand their offering, while Samsung’s entry could significantly change the market share dynamic. All of these, among others, are investigated for each company covered in this competitive assessment.