Consumer Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual reality has been a growing feature of the gaming space, accounting for the majority of initial use for the technology. However, virtual reality has uses within a number of industry verticals. In addition to its use within direct-to-consumer implementations, the adoption of virtual reality devices within B2B2C scenarios is also growing. 
This report details the prominent and growing industry verticals of virtual reality with a focus on B2C and B2B2C spaces. The verticals included within this report are as follows: Gaming, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Commerce, and Marketing, High-end Entertainment, Education, Tourism.

The report includes:

Consumer VR Applications Overview
Media and Entertainment
  • Interactive Video
  • 360 Video
  • Live Content
Retail, Commerce, and Marketing
  • Dedicated Marketing Experience 
  • Advertising-Supported Content
High-end Entertainment
  • In-classroom
  • Personal Development
  • Social
  • Social Isolation
  • VR Desktop
  • Content Creation