Gearing up for the Automotive and Biometrics Convergence - Part 3: Fingerprint, Heart Rate, and Wearables

by Dimitrios Pavlakis | 2Q 2016 | IN-4085

Three insights will be dedicated to providing context into the convergence between automotive and biometrics. Companies utilizing innovative technologies, key concepts, and criticisms and opportunities will be split up between the three papers. This third part will focus on fingerprint verification technologies and apps. While fingerprint technologies are geared primarily toward the CE segment, they are expected to leap into the automotive as well with area and touch-sensor technology enjoying a larger portion of the market. This will occur since solid-state and capacitive sensors are increasingly being left behind due to several issues with reliability, ppi resolution, and accuracy. Wearables are also looking to converge with both the automotive and the biometrics markets. While heart rate recognition is increasingly being brought into the spotlight as the new modality set to take biometric wearable payments by storm, we may well see both involved in keyless ignition or close-proximity verification. For now, heart-rate recognition is used only inside the vehicle as a form of vital signs monitoring rather than as part of a verification system.

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