Renault and Gestigon Partner on DMS for Level 3 Automation

by James Hodgson | 2Q 2016 | IN-4078

Founded in 2011, Gestigon uses 3D depth sensing in order to develop next-gen HMI for a number of verticals, including automotive. The general principle guiding their HMI design is that humans rely heavily on hand gestures in order to communicate, and that automotive interfaces, therefore, ought to take advantage of this highly intuitive form of interaction. In addition to enabling vehicle occupants to control various infotainment functions, time-of-flight cameras/stereo vision/structured light can also enable a more robust form of driver monitoring, which is often thought to be critical to enable semi-autonomous driving. It is this particular use case which has drawn the attention of Renault to Gestigon’s solution, as the mass market OEM becomes ever more bullish about the prospects of semi-autonomous features on high-volume models before the end of the decade.

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