Webinar Over the Air Updates in Automotive

This report includes:

  • Automotive Over-the-Air Update Types
  • OTA Use Cases
  • OTA Transmission Essentials
  • OTA Download Types
  • SOTA and FOTA Adoption Rates
  • OTA Adoption by Region
  • OTA Relevance and Importance
  • OTA and Cyber Security: Risks and Benefits
  • OTA Potential Recall Savings
  • OTA Enables Assisted and Autonomous Driving
  • OTA Drivers and Barriers
  • Tesla:  OTA Pioneer
  • Emerging OTA Ecosystem
  • Announced OTA Partnerships
  • OTA Business Models
  • M&A and Divestitures

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Research Information

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Publish Date
2Q 2016
Research Type
Application Analysis Report