Hot Tech Innovators 2016 Image

The technology marketplace is in a period of great change. At this critical juncture for the industry, ABI Research has updated its Hot Tech Innovators report that outlines those companies that look set to be at the forefront of this next wave of innovation. ABI Research Analysts identified 60 companies that should be on the radar of all market observers. They should be considered as pioneers, market makers, threats, disruptors, acquisition targets, and transformation agents. Fundamentally, they represent some of the brightest value creators operating today.

As ABI Research sifted through the many companies considered for this report, it was apparent that there were numerous entries that could be considered as disruptive. However, it was also clear that many of these disruptive companies will not see the fruits of their labor and that they will disappear as the market moves toward more sustainable and transformative trends. The focus of this report was to find those companies that are clearly aligned with, and at the forefront of, those technology innovation areas that will form the nucleus of the transformative trends of the future.