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IoT Market Tracker - Australia


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This IoT Market Tracker provides highly segmented data and forecasts to support IoT business initiatives and go-to-market plans.  Data for Australia includes an end-to-end view of the connections and revenues generated by suppliers in the IoT value chain.  Value chain revenues are provided for 8 major connection technology segments (2G, 3G, 4G, LPWA-LTE, LPWA-Proprietary, satellite and fixed line connections) and across 30 application segments, including 30 industry verticals and 4 size-of-business segments.  Also includes connections by application segment for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 802.15.4 technologies.  In addition to the tracker, deliverables include a bi-annual trend analysis webinar with replay and analyst inquiry.

Forecast Contents

•Data Cube (Flat File) and Pivot Table.  Data Cube contains 344,000+ rows of data.

Forecast Categories

•M2M Connections, ($MM) 2012-2021

•M2M Connection Revenue, (MM) 2012-2021

•Device and Application Platform Services Revenue, ($MM) 2012-2021

•Network Services Revenue, ($MM) 2012-2021

•Security Services Revenue, ($MM) 2012-2021

•Data and Analytics Revenue, ($MM) 2012-2021

•Professional Services Revenue, ($MM) 2012-2021

Segmentation by Application

•Aftermarket Telematics


•Asset Tracking


•Commercial Building Automation

•Condition based Monitoring

•Digital Signage

•Enterprise Wearables

•Fleet Management

•Healthcare Equipment Monitoring

•Heavy Transport Vehicles and Equipment

•Home Appliances

•Home Monitoring

•Home Security & Automation

•Intelligent Transportation

•Inventory Management


•OEM Telematics

•Other Energy

•Other Smart City

•Patient Monitoring

•People Pet Tracking


•Smart Grid

•Smart Meters

•Smart Parking

•Smart Street Lighting

•User Based Insurance


•Video Surveillance

•Water and Gas Meters

•WellBeing Wearables

Segmentation by Industry








•Healthcare - Payer

•Healthcare - Provider



•Manufacturing - Consumer

•Manufacturing - Durable Goods

•Manufacturing - Industrial

•Media & Entertainment


•Pharma. & Life Sciences

•Professional Services 

•Public Sector - Education

•Public Sector - Federal

•Public Sector - Healthcare

•Public Sector - State & Local



•Transportation - Air

•Transportation - Maritime

•Transportation - Rail

•Transportation - Trucking



Size of Business

•0 to 19 employees

•20 to 999 employees

•1000 to 4999 employees

•5000+ employees

Segmentation by Connectivity Technology






•Analog Fixed Line

•Fixed Line