Evaluating PlayStation 4.5/4K Rumors

by Michael Inouye | 2Q 2016 | IN-4045

If recent rumors are true, Sony plans to release an updated console in the not-too-distant future (the official announcement might come before the launch of PSVR in October 2016). On the surface, this sounds like the established modus operandi of the past two console generations – both Sony (PS2 and PS3) and Microsoft (Xbox 360) released updated versions of their consoles mid-cycle. Sony’s purported update however, goes beyond the slimmer profile or upgrades to improve reliability or cost reduction. Sony’s updated console, should it come to fruition, is expected to increase hardware robustness (possibly upgraded GPU/CPU) and support 4K; while 4K gaming is not expected to be supported at the same level as 1080p 30/60 is today, some less-demanding titles might reach 4K resolution or this may simply refer to video content.

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