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Smart Cities Update


Smart city developments are picking up steam across the globe. Smart city represents a wide range of innovative “city-centric” applications. For the purposes of this ABI Research update, ABI Research has constrained the smart city focus to the civic functions “fabric” of the city; namely, smart transportation, smart street lighting, smart trash collection, and smart utilities (gas, water, electricity). 

City planners need to take an integrated view of smart city deployments, as many of the underlying technologies can act as a platform for other smart city applications. It is also essential to have the latest in communications technology, as it will simply enable other smart city applications. The update highlights what these technologies are, who the key players are, and what the market potential opportunity is.

This report includes:

  • Smart City Architecture
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Smart Street Lighting
  • Smart Trash Collection
  • Smart Utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity)
  • Summary & Conclusions